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16 May 2011 @ 02:39 am
[FIC] Can You Smile :) 3/?  
  Title: Can you smile
Authors: ohreeree  
Rating: PG 13
Characters: Sungkyu (Infinite), Amber (f(x)), Krystal (f(x)), Myungsoo aka L of (Infinite)
Warnings: Broken Henber or wait.. you'll never know.

When you unlearned how to love.. Do you think you can smile?

"i remember that feeling from a long ago
when i looked at you

i remember that time when i knew you,
you knew me"

I cant seem to have you only with my heart...

Chapter 1: Suspicious
Chapter 2: Burritos and Tacos
Chapter 3: Special Delivery

Myungsoo walked up to his friend as the latter supervised the carpenters on how he wanted the cabinets and dividers to look.

“Hyung!” Myungsoo giving his friend a pat on the shoulder. “so how’s everything here?”

Sungkyu faced Myungsoo as he looked at the time on his watch. “I think we are going well here. Everything is pretty much in schedule.”
“I talked to the other guys…” Myungsoo paused and Sungkyu waited for him to complete his statement “well they said they are interested to help us out with the dance classes.”
“You mean Hoya agreed?” Sungkyu excitedly
Myungsoo just nodded and smiled

“Wow that is unexpected…”

Amber was on her desk with a pile of documents to review. And on her hand is a story board for the Commercial Ad for the Web based financial Company of Mr. Lee Sungmin.
“This is interesting…” She thinks aloud.
A knock on the door was heard and the door opened slowly. Amber looked at the guy approaching wearing a red and white Collared shirt. He was wearing black pants and black leather shoes and a cap. He approached Amber’s Desk
“Are you Miss Amber Liu?” The delivery guy asked as he looked at his clipboard.
“Uhm.. yes.. But there must be a mistake” She uttered as she looked at the dozen red Roses, a box of choco chip cookies and a little baby bunny in a cage. The cage had a red ribbon.
“Please sign here” The devery man said as he pointed his pen to the dotted line at the bottom of the deliver invoice.
“But there must be mistake!” Amber said to the dude as he walked to the door. She walks after him and stopped him “Im not expecting anything to be delivered. There’s no name. Can you at least tell me who these are from?”
The guy just looked at her blankly. “sorry ma’am no name on the invoice. There would be no way for me to tell where it came from”
“oh okay then” Amber with a wondering face “Thanks” 
She walked back to her desk and picked up the flowers. It’s the perfect shade of red. Her favourite color. She smelled the fragrant smell of the flower and smiled. She took the card out of the little envelope attached on the side of the bouquet which reads:

“i remember that feeling from a long ago
when i looked at you
i remember that time when i knew you,
you knew me :)”
Amber really has no clue of where the gifts came from. She picked up the box of chocolate cookies and opened the lid off. She took one and had a bite. She satisfyingly smile.
“Hmmm this is good. Just the right sweetness.” She then takes the baby rabbit out of its cage and cuddled it. “What is a cute lil’ thing like you doing here? Do you know who sent you? Can you tell me?” she talked to the little rabbit like it can understand her. She wonders who in the world would send those to her and knowing that she prefers cookies, she likes bunnies and the color of the roses was right on.
Someone opened the door and the sound of a pair of heels walking on hard wooden floor was heard. Amber looked at the girl approaching and it was Krystal.

Krystal’s eyes widened with the site that Amber was holding a baby bunny in her arms and the flowers on the desk.
“Where did these come from?” Krystal said with a thrilled voice “Are you keeping something from me?”
“I don’t know. There’s just a card. No name of the sender though” She answers.
Krystal smelled the flowers and smiled at Amber teasingly. Amber on the other hand was just puzzled. Suddenly Amber’s phone started vibrating on the desk. She walked around to pick up her phone.
“Hurry. It must be the guy who sent you these” Krystal whisperingly said
Amber looks at the display of the phone. It was an unknown number. She was kinda anxious of answering the call.
“Hello~” Amber said after she pressed the answer button and then let go a deep breath after hearing the voice on the other line.

“So??? Who is it?” Krystal mouthed.

Amber smiled “Yes Mr. Lee Good Morning to you too….” She paused as she waited for the man in the other line to end his statement “Yes sir. I got the Story board you wanted for the Commercial”
Later that night…
Amber took out the bunny rabbit from its cage. She was lying in bed and placed the little bunny on top of her bed. “so.. What would I name you?” she picks up the rabbit and rubs her face on to its white fluffy fur.
“do you like… Fishie?” Amber said and the rabbit turned and faced away from her “Of courser you would not like that you are not a fish.” Amber rolled on her chest and again asked herself what to name her new pet. “I can name you Henny” The rabbit did not react. “I think you like that name.” amber now contented smiled and snuggled the bunny “Why do you have to like Henny? Its sounds like Henry.”
Sungkyu had a long day. He waited for everyone to get out of the space and he locked it personally. He then reaches for his phone in his pocket and composed a message as he walked towards his car.
He takes out his keys and got in. He slid in the driver seat and looked at his phone again. His message alert went off and he looked at the screen, The text message was from L.
“Hyung… Here’s the number…
+82 02 5362375”

Sungkyu stuck his keys on the ignition and started the car.
Heechul was raiding amber’s fridge for food when amber walked out of her room carrying little Henny in her arms, walking straight to the couch. She reached for the remote control and turned the TV on. She placed The rabbit on her lap gently.
Heechul grabs some peanut butter and some strawberry jam out of the fridge and placed them on top of the Kitchen counter “Where did the bunny come from?” Heechul curiously asked his cousin.
“Someone gave it to me.” Amber answers casually.
“And may I know who this someone is?” Heechul asking as he spread the peanut butter on one side of the sliced wheat bread.
“I don’t know. This baby was delivered to me and there is no name of where it came from” Amber replied
“No name?” Heechul said as he spread the jam on the other slice of bread. He stopped asking so that his cousing would not know that he was just phishing info “So you want a bite?” He offered
“No thanks. I’m full.” Amber uttered as she changed channels.
Heechul walked over to Amber and sat beside amber on the couch. “So.. What’s its name?”
“Oh this baby?” She smiled proudly to the older “His name is Henny.”
Heechul thought to himself. Why would she name the rabbit Henny. It sounds GAYYYYY! But wait its sounds like Henry’s name. Did the rabbit come from him? Then he notices the red roses on the vase. “Did that come with those?” He asked pointing to the vase on the coffee table.
Amber did not answer…
Heechul got back to his Apartment just across Amber’s the convenience of living across her is that he gets to raid her fridge if he runs out of food. Just like today. He still wonders about the lil’ bunny and the roses. He pulls out his phone from his pocket and started texting The guy in Canada again.
“Amber got a bunny. And a dozen red roses today.
Are you not even threatened? He named the rabbit Henny. 
Well there goes at least it sounds like your name.
You are really stupid you know. Letting go of Amber like that!”

Heechul pressed the send button
After a minute his phone vibrates and a message from henry reads:
“Thanks Hyung! :)”
Sender: Henry Lau
Then Heechul smirks after reading the message. And composed another message and sent it back as a reply to Henry

“The rabbits’s name is so gay!” 

After sending the message Heechul shaking his head and lightly laughing.