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19 May 2011 @ 01:52 am
[FIC] Can You Smile :) 4/?  
  Title: Can you smile
Authors: ohreeree  
Rating: PG 13
Characters: Sungkyu (Infinite), Amber (f(x)), Krystal (f(x)), Myungsoo aka L of (Infinite)
Warnings: Broken Henber or wait.. you'll never know.

When you unlearned how to love.. Do you think you can smile?

"i remember that feeling from a long ago
when i looked at you

i remember that time when i knew you,
you knew me"

I cant seem to have you only with my heart...

Chapter 1: Suspicious
Chapter 2: Tacos and Burritos
Chapter 3: Special Delivery
Chapter 4: Ice Cream

Chapter 4: Ice Cream
(Disclaimer: I just wanted to insert the thought. I really felt giddy about Leeteuk’s song with Joo.)

Amber was supervising A Commercial Shoot for one of their famous clients. One thing she loved about this client is the unlimited Ice cream. The Commercial was starred by famous radio DJ and TV Host Leeteuk with a very promising female Singer Joo. Amber looked at them with an accomplished look on her face. Krystal suddenly popped up out of nowhere and asked Amber

They are in a huge sound stage, It’s like a huge dollhouse. With pretty, classical and meticulously done. It brings back lots of good memories. Looks sweet and romantic actually. But amber really did not mind. To her it was just a huge sound stage with props.

“Don’t you get envious?” Krystal started as they watched Leeteuk and Joo act sweet in front of the camera “Look at them” Krystal smiles teasingly

“Well not really. I have experienced it before so no big deal..” amber uttered.

“But don’t you just miss it when someone hugs you, protects you, care for you?” Krystal added. “Besides you should let go now. Afterall you were the one who broke it off with him. Unless—“

Krystal stopped

“Unless what?” Amber with a change of tone

“Unless you are still holding on to Henry.” Krystal’s last words before she walked over to the coordinator of the shoot. “Oh hi~” she greets.
Amber looked at The actors in deep thought. “yeah right…” Then her phone starts to vibrate and she walks out of the studio. “Hello~”
At first the person on the other line did not answer at all. “helloooo~” but the second time she finally got a response.

“Hi!” the voice on the other line sounded hesitant. “is this Amber?”

Amber wondered who was calling her. She looked at the screen of her phone and the number was an unknown number “Uhmmmm yes, may I know who you are?” Amber wondered why the heck she has been receiving unknown calls.

The person on the other line was silent again. “hello?” Amber again saying trying to check if the person hung up. “Are you still there?”

“Uhmmm.. yeah…” he paused again “Are you busy? Am I disturbing you or something?” He asked still hesitant and sounding shy.

“Well that depends..” Amber laughed “You still didn’t tell me who you are.”
The guy on the other had laughter leaked through the phone speakers. “oh yeah” Amber ended up smiling. “Its me Sungkyu~ just wanted to get in touch with you.”

Amber was surprised. But no negative reactions. She was somehow glad that it was sungkyu. Not some psycho stranger stalking her. “hey! So it is you. Good thing!”
Something weird about today, Amber thought, She actually feels different. She felt lighter, fuzzier, free. Thinking having new friends should not hurt. Krystal was the only friend she has aside from Henry. Welcoming new people in her life couldn’t be that bad.
She hung up and started smiling when Krystal Approached her.
“What was that about?” She teased
“Nothing… Its non of your business Soojung.” Amber uttered.
Krystal questioned Amber’s unlikely cheerfulness “You seem differen. You don’t look miserable. Its as if you are actually happy about something.” She’s on to something here, she believed. Then she teasingly sings the cute theme song for the Ice cream commercial *sings* “ 넌 내꺼야 넌 내꺼야 그 맘이면 되는거야” she then walked away to check back on the production crew.

Long hours of the shoot has passed. Amber was sitting alone in the waiting room. Then Leeteuk walked in and greeted her casually and informally “ hey what’s up” he takes the spot beside Amber on the long black leather couch.
“Im fine. Just tired I guess” She spoke with a faint smile.
“So… How was the shoot? Is oppa doing a good job?” Leeteuk joked.
Amber reacted “Of course your were. You guys really look sweet.” She says then looks at the ceiling.
“Are you jealous? Do you want oppa to be sweet with you too?” Leeteuk Joking some more as he placed his arm around Amber’s Shoulder.
Amber looked at the older and laughed really hard “Oppa! You are joking right? And why would I be?” Amber said while leeteuk removed his arm around her and went back to his concerned oppa tone. Amber was kinda confused why leeteuk is starting this kind of conversation with her. They never talked seriously before.
“let me tell you this Amber… Love is like Ice cream. Its sweet, Fun, and lovely. Makes your life colourful.” His dimple shows when he smiles. He’s like a guardian angel to amber. After all he is older. OLD MAN’s WISE WORDS? “and think of it like this… Men are also like ice cream. Each has distinct flavours. Distinct characteristics.. Differents surprises. You may want to try a different flavour.” He smiled caringly at the girl.
“Oh yeah… Your brother called from the states.” he uttered.
“Huh?” Amber was surprised that all of a sudden her older brother is checking on her. “what did he say?”
“Well he just said that I talk to you. And remember that besides your cousin Heechul you can always come up to me.” Leeteuk assuring the girl, He gave her a tap on the shoulder before he stood up and paced out of the room.
Well pretty much even if Amber lives alone, She has a family in Korea. Well sort of. She has found a family with her friend Krystal, Her cousin Heechul who just lives in the apartment across hers and all her brother Donghae’s friends. That includes her Leeteuk Oppa. They practically keep her sane. In touch.


The shoot ended. Everyone was scurrying the place. Packing up the equipments. Lights being taken down, sound systems are being brought out of the large sound stage. Amber was pacing her way out of the venue. She went instantly to her car’s direction. She grabbed the door handle and as she was about to get in a guys voice called her attention. She turned and saw a tall handsome guy approaching her. He was wearing that friendly smile again.
“Hey Amber~” L calling out the girl as he walked towards her “Doing anything after this?”

“Well.. Nope.. Why are you here? Picking up Krys, I didn’t see her car anywhere?” Amber asking back the lad.
“yeah I am” The boy answered “and since you are doing nothing.. wanna come with us? Lets watch a movie and hang out or something.”
Krystal finally shows up and myungsoo who was leaning in a really cool manner on the car hood quickly walked over to the very appealing Krystal who seems like just done her retouching. She looks perfect as always, just like a model. L reaches for her. Held her hand and kisses it. “I just asked Amber to come with us for the movie.”
“And…” Krystal intrigued of what amber could have given him as a reply. She expects the same thing. She’ll turn the invitation down. Go straight home and then bore herself to death. But still she hoped that its something different this time. “so?”
Krystal was looking at Amber. Anxious of what she may say “I said yes okay.. Are you happy now?” Amber harped on.
“Waaaaaahhh is this for real?” Krys says still cannot believe of what she has just heard “Are you still Amber? Or are you sick? Possessed?”
“If you put it that way… I can take it back you know” Amber teases “I mean seriously.” She laughs as Krys panics of thinking that she will.
“Ohhhh no you wont! Be a normal Human being for once.” Krystal responded.
Sungkyu was eating his hotdog waffle which he held with his left hand and a fruit smoothie on his right . he was looking at the Cinema posters of the currently shown movies. Krystal, Myungsoo and Amber arrived. Krystal was very delighted that finally she was able to hang out with amber. Not like she is not with her. Its just different when its out of work. Myungsoo immediately sees his hyung in the distance. He was wearing casual everyday jeans. A new era cap and a Blue hoodie. Just like Amber’s preferred laid back style.
Amber looks at Sungkyu from afar. She sees his eyes vanishing again as he smiles. There he goes with that smile again. They just keep getting her attention.
“hey~” Sungkyu greeted with a light grin
“Hey~” Amber responded just casually.
“so…” Krys observes Sungkyu and Amber. She notices that there is no awkwardness with the two which is a good sign. “Mission accomplished” she thought whispering to Myungsoo and smiling.
Myungsoo also observes the two and smiled at SooJung. And hugged her from the back. Playfully swaying her. “So hyung did you get the tickets??” He asked as he continued playfully swaying with Krystal.
He handed the smoothie cup and handed it to Myungsoo as he rummaged his pants pockets for the tickets. And he cant find it. “I seriously just put it in my pocket.” He reasons.
Amber sees the Movie tickets peeping through the front pocket of his jacket. She takes it out of his pocket and waved it cutely in front of everyone. “Hey its in your hoodie pocket~” Sungkyu got slightly embarrassed.


I know. My chapters are short it sucks. but heck.. I do this while at work or if i have time at nightso i hope whoever is reading this bears with me. :)
Yes I suck at writing right. I dont even know if people read it actually. but oh well. XD 
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YeCee~♥iamkaycee29 on May 18th, 2011 06:09 pm (UTC)
Yes I suck at writing right. I dont even know if people read it actually. but oh well. XD

^Who sucks?? definitely not you .. :)