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21 May 2011 @ 02:26 am
[FIC] Can You Smile :) 5/?  
  Title: Can you smile
Authors: ohreeree 
Rating: PG 13
Characters: Sungkyu (Infinite), Amber (f(x)), Krystal (f(x)), Myungsoo aka L of (Infinite)
Warnings: Broken Henber or wait.. you'll never know.

When you unlearned how to love.. Do you think you can smile?

"i remember that feeling from a long ago
when i looked at you

i remember that time when i knew you,
you knew me"

I cant seem to have you only with my heart...

Chapter 1: Suspicious
Chapter 2: Tacos and Burritos
Chapter 3: Special Delivery
Chapter 4: Ice Cream
Chapter 5: I miss you already

As expected when they got in the dark room Krystal was affectionately clinging to her boyfriend Myungsoo. Amber normally gets annoyed with the excessive sweetness and display of affection these two shows. Well decent but too much. She even gets irritated by other couples as well reason for her not going with the two if they invite her to hang out. She just dont want to be a third wheel. Well this time she knows that she wont be thank God! At least there is Sungkyu she can chat with. As expected when they headed for the seats the two mushy love birds would sit together. So Amber and her new friend sat together as well.

Sungkyu let Amber choose which seat she wants to take. Then she sat on the spot beside her. She has a huge bag of butter flavoured popcorn to share with her. The movie starts and Sungkyu tapped Amber’s shoulder and offered her some “Popcorn?” Sungkyu casually says. As he also looked at the screen concentrating well pretty much trying to avoid taking a glance at Myungsoo and Amber.

“Hey thanks!” amber replied. She reached in for a handful and then ate with the other hand one piece at a time.

They actually watched the whole movie. Not knowing that Myungsoo and Krystal was planning something. When the cinema went a little brighter when the movie ended and to their surprise Myungsoo and Krystal was no where in sight. They were not in their seats anymore.

“where did they go?” Amber pointed to the seats.

“I really have no idea” He said with a puzzled look . Sungkyu looked around trying to check maybe they are just hiding somewhere “where the heck are those two.”

Amber just puffed a sigh with the unbelievable joke the couple did. “wow! So they really did leave us…” She walked ahead and SUngkyu followed her out of the movie house.

“so what do you want to do next?” SUngkyu asked showing a bit of concern. He was thinking what if he did not like to hang out with him. But then the idea was thrown out the window when amber spoke.

“Well eating can be one option.” Amber smiled. “Im starving!”


There is still a bit of awkwardness between the two. However it seems to diminish slowly as time goes by. “So… What should we get?” Sungkyu asking the girl what she wants. “How does Pizza then Icecream after that sound?”

“I like that” she then smiles shyly at the boy.

“Can U smile for me again?” Sungkyu made a little request.

Amber was kinda lost with the lads simple request “Huh? Smile?”

“yeah..” he said “Just smile… I like it when you are smiling. You have a cute smile amber. You know that?”

Amber lightly blushes with his words.

Sungkyu may not know the reason why she has not smiled a sincere smile for a long time but he is really willing to do anything to have her smile all the time. Even if it means he has to sing and dance in front of her in public or be with her every time he will. He wants her to be back to the way she was before though he did not know her that long. He just knows that he wants her happy.


Krystal was sitting at the coffee shop. Myungsoo walked over to her with 2 caramel frappes in both hands. He placed Krystal’s on the table while he sipped on his straw. “What do you think they are doing now?” Krystal curiously asked her handsome boyfriend as he took his seat. “you think amber has not beaten up Sungkyu Oppa yet?” She looks cute getting concerned but like a kid. Myungsoo is a serious type of guy. It gets balanced because Soojung is full of expression, very loud and extremely cute too.

“Well. I don’t think so.. Sungkyu hyung is not that type of guy.” Myungsoo uttered as he sips off his frappe. “You never know they might hit it off. Because a day ago Sungkyu hyung asked for amber’s number” He told.

“he did?” Krystal excited “but why did he tell you why he got her number??? Is he gonna ask her out???? Does he want to date Amber??? WHAT TELL ME!” she flailed with the news her partners just brought up.

Myungsoo shook his head and smiled his princely smile. “No idea baby~” She reached for her hand and held it.

Henry was able to borrow the car from her mom. He Was breezing through the highway with the windows down. Air blowing his hair, His books and bag was on the passenger seat. RnB music playing on the background. The phone rings and he reaches for the cellphone and answered it. “a long distance call?” he wondered “hello?” he answered the call wondering who the call was from since not a lot of people know his phone number.

“Henry?” Henry heard a man’s voice

“Dad?” He asked “Why are you calling me?”

He was wondering why all of a sudden his dad was calling him. He never reached out to him since he left him and his mom in the US. His dad is Korean but since his parents never got married His Last name was His Mom’s last name. He never had any encounter with his dad in an intimate way. Even when he was in Korea he just met him once and never met him again until he left the county and went home to the US.

“can you go Come visit me in Korea?” His dad asked suddenly. A question he did not expect him to actually say. “can you do it soon?”

Henry was confused of why he is saying this now. All of a sudden he wants to be a father? This is ridiculous. He really don’t know what to say to the old man and besides that he cant just leave school in the middle of the term. Henry was just silent while driving.

“Son?” His dad uttered on the other line.

“I don’t know dad. I really have no plans of going there soon. I might but not soon.” Henry explained.

“Okay son. I understand. Just tell me when you arrive here. You know how to reach the old man.” His dad lastly said and the call dropped.

Henry did not mind what his dad said. He just continued on with his day. He is used to the fact that his dad exist but he’s really not a part of his life. He arrived at school. Parked his car and carried on for the day.


SUngkyu and amber ended up at a community basketball court. Sungkyu parked his car at the open space. The dark sky was lit by the lovely twinkling stars. They both laid on top of the hood of the car hood. Sungkyu rested his head on the top of his hands. Looking at the stars as they gleamed in the night. Amber was just sitting right beside him. Sungkyu was actually looking at amber the whole time. Its just easier for him to pretend to look at the sky when amber looks his way.

“Thank you~” Amber said suddenly.

“What for?” SUngkyu asked the girl as he smiled at him from his view

“Well you went through all that trouble and kept me company just because those kids left us.” Amber said.

“Im kinda fine with it. At least I was able to spend the whole afternoon and evening with you.” Sungkyu said. “You are special amber. I just want you to know that. Only a dummy would not be happy to hang out with you.”

Amber smiled back at sungkyu and also laid down and looked at the stars.


Later Sungkyu drove Amber home. Sungkyu pulled the hand breaks. Got off the car, he ran to the front passengers door and opened it for the lady. Amber stepped out of the car. “Thanks” Amber uttered ‘You have a safe trip home” Sungkyu all smiles walked back to his side of the car. Waited for amber to get in the building entrance before he slid in the driver seat. Amber looked again to see if Sungkyu has left.
When she got in her house she dropped her dropped her bag on the floor and crashed herself in the black leather couch. She reached for that space between the couch seats and the cushions. She pulled out a picture. Looked at it and she barely noticed she was already tearing up.

Why is it this painful? She asked herself. I miss you already. I miss you everyday.I couldn’t stop crying when I think of you. Do you even think of me? Do you go through the same pain as I do? Maybe you have found someone else. Henry I want you back. But the painful part is I was the one who let you go. I was the one who broke it off. I miss your strong arms around me Henry. I miss you like hell. Your kisses. Your smile.That smile. I wish you come back. You come back to me.

“Henry come back!” She cries and repeats these words until she fell asleep.


Next day…

Heechul dropped by to get a glass of milk because he ran out of milk at home. He was supposed to go straight to the fridge when he noticed lil amber on the couch sleeping face down. Heechul wondered why amber fell asleep in the living room. He walked to her instead of getting the milk he needed and he found Her hand was touching the floor and still holding Henry’s picture. Looked at her face and saw how puffy her eyes are. “aish~ amber” was all he can say.

“Henry come back to me~” She mumbled in her sleep

Heechul heard what her precious cousin was saying and he was devastated. “Im really gonna beat that henry up if he shows his face to me. Stupid bastard!”

He stood up and walked towards the door, pulling out her phone! “Donghae~ Its me heechul hyung. Its about your sister.”


comments, suggestions, and violent reactions are pretty much welcome. feel free to write how lousy of a writer I am. Thanks! XDDDD
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