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27 September 2011 @ 12:48 pm
[fic] can you smile :) 9/?  

Title: Can you smile


Rating: PG 13 

Characters: Sungkyu (Infinite), Amber (f(x)), Krystal (f(x)), Myungsoo aka L of (Infinite)
Warnings: Broken Henber or wait.. you'll never know. 


When you unlearned how to love.. Do you think you can smile?

"i remember that feeling from a long ago
when i looked at you

i remember that time when i knew you,
you knew me"

I cant seem to have you only with my heart...

Chapter 1: Suspicious
Chapter 2: Tacos and Burritos
Chapter 3: Special Delivery
Chapter 4: Ice Cream
Chapter 5: I miss you already
Chapter 6: Thunder
Chapter 7: Ready for a fall
Chapter 8: Nothing's Over
Chapter 9: Memories

Her Heels made a bit of noise every time she stepped on the hardwood floors of the office. Her Skirt flowing down until right about an inch above her knees. She passed by the room that is always closed and was surprised to see it open. She peeped if there is someone in the office. And alas! There he was busy as he can be. Donghae was on his big desk. His coat was hanged on his chair. He was looking very dashing on his white long sleeves and silk black thin tie. Donghae looking very serious as he reviewed the stack of  contracts in front of him.
Amber observed his hardworking brother. She just stood there looking at him. Amused that his brother can be a totally different person inside the office. Donghae realized that someone is watching him so he looked up and saw a pretty young lady watching him.
"How long have you been standing there?" He smiled. Donghae's Serious look faded away and a smile finally shown on his face.
"For a while now.." Amber walks in the room. Donghae's office is huge. Its actually 3 times bigger than the girls work area. His room is filled with exquisite items or furniture. His office is also filled with the certificates and awards that Donghae has achieved since he handled their family business. In the Office Donghae is the Ideal Manager. HARDWORKING, FOCUSED, GOAL ORIENTED AND EXTREMELY SERIOUS. Not to mention that he is handsome and considered as one of the most eligible bachelors in the country to date.  Seems like others do not like him as a boss though but likes him as a friend. however there is only one thing that can quickly fade the scary CEO from the handsome young man. "Are you busy?" Amber asked and instantly Donghae's mood changed. He smiled. "Why? I always have time for yah. what's up?"
"Nothing." Amber replied.
"Now really... You dont have any concerns?" Donghae asked
"Work related---" She paused "But Im uhmmm... Nevermind." She stuttered she sat at the huge leather couch that Donghae has just in case he has guests and need a cozy place to talk rather than in the stiff environment of their conference room. She crossed legs and fiddled the magazines that are in the center table.
"So... How has things been since I'm gone?" Donghae asked picking up his coffee cup and walking over to the couch. hi sits across the pretty young lady and smiles. He talks like a different person in the office whenever Amber is around.
"Well.. Okay I guess." Amber replies. "I closed good deals." She said proudly but in a cute way.
"Yeah i heard. You did like 3 Commercials for big companies." Donghae smiled. "I'm really proud of yah..."
the room went silent for bit. Amber knew that her brother would have a follow up question. She just waited. She knew it was coming any second now. and she guessed it right. Suddenly Donghae opened his mouth and asked "How about that Sungkyu kid. He's one of your clients right?"
"Uhmmm yes." Amber replied "what about Sungkyu?"
"I remembered someone when I saw him." Donghae added. "I mean do you see someone in him too?"
Amber hesitated to answer. She knew that she and her brother are having the same thing in their minds. "oh really? Who?" Amber pretended not to know.
"Henry?" Donghae uttered.
"What about Henry?" Amber asked "why are you bringing him up all of a sudden?"
"Nothing..." Donghae answered "Don’t you think you are being unfair to everyone if you are meeting this Sungkyu kid and you are still not over the other?"
Amber looked away. She just can’t look at Donghae straight in the eye. She knew she's gonna be lying if she said that she dont love Henry anymore. But what she is trying to do is just open her heart. After all Henry might be cursing her non-stop for breaking up with him she thought. "What are you talking about? He's just a friend oppa. You really have a wide imagination you know." She then tries to laugh it off.
"If you say so." Donghae stood up and went back to his desk. "You better go back to work young lady. You know I dont liek it when people slack off"
Amber stood up and faces her brother, sticks her tongue out like a little kid at him. "Even if im your sister?" Amber shows the older he battling lashes.
"No." Donghae jokingly said and laughs
"Okay.. I’m leaving. Boss!"  She walks slowly out of the room and passed the hall towards her office. In her mind she thought hard about what Donghae said. She must admit she is liking Sungkyu being around her. Him making her smile. Him keeping her company. Him making her forget how it hurts to be away from Henry. She reached her door and entered. The first thing she remembered to check when she got in was her Phone. She reaches in from her bag to take out her blackberry. She doesn't want to admit that she's bummed. "Hmmmm No texts?" It seems unusual to her that she did not get any texts from him at all today. He wasnt even at the studio earlier. but more than being bummed she grew concerned for the boy.
She walked to her seat and just collapsed to her chair and let out a sigh. Suddenly her Blackberry vibrated on the desk and she looked at it. She broke into a smile when she saw whom the SMS came from.
"Woohyun told me you dropped by today.
Sorry I was not there. I have something
important that came up :)
I'll see you soon."
Amber did not notice that she was already smiling widely after she recieved that message. it took her a while to actually reply to the lad. she was just relieved that Sungkyu is okay.
"Hey! Yeah we did. hanged out a bit at your studio.
gotta work now.
-- Message Sent --
Henry entered the big automatic glass sliding doors. The Lobby is huge. A lot of people walking around. Doctors in white lab gowns walk past him with clipboards on hand. He almost bumped at the little kid running with his mom running after him with a bottle of dextrose.  He pulls out a little piece of paper and walked to the elevator. The crumpled piece of paper has the room number written on it.
He walked to the elevator hall and waited for one to open up. He was standing in front of the farthest lift on the left and waited for it to open. Henry waited for a few minutes and the door opened. The people from the inside dispersed and once everyone was out Henry walked in. He was inside with a 2 little kids who dressed the same and looks the same. Twins. They get along well. he thought. He pressed the 8th Floor button and the button lit up. A few seconds later the lift stopped and the doors opened wide. He got off the elevator and walked the long hallway. The place smelled like medicine. What would you expect it is a hospital. He never liked being in a hospital. Everytime he got sick and the doctor would say he needs to stay in the hospital he mysteriously gets well. Then he thought its just mind over matter. So he never gets really sick. He always wished everyone to be of good health. Unexpectedly he needed to be here.
It seems to him that as he walks the room on the end of the hall was becoming farther and farther. He was kind of nervous since he doesn't know what to expect. He reached the door to the room and hesitated to come in He always thought of being an outsider. Him growing up without a father and being an illegitimate child. He sometimes asked himself a lot of what ifs. but now one of those questions will be answered. Will they accept that his dad has a son outside of their family. will they acknowledge his existence. He took one deep breath and reached for the door handle and turned it. He pushed the white wooden door and entered the room.
Sungkyu realized that there was someone standing at the foot of the bed of his father. the guys was just there staring at his father. Sungkyu rubbed his eyes. "Hey, how long have you been standing there?" He asked the other
"Not long... "Henry replied. "Is he okay?"
Sungkyu stood up from his spot and walked over to Henry. Sungkyu did not ask who the other was. It seemed to Henry that the other knew him. but he still decided to introduce himself. "Hi, I’m--" Before he could finish introducing himself Sungkyu cut him off, shook his hand and hugged him. "Henry." Sungkyu smiled "I'm Sungkyu..." and before he finished his statement someone else cut him off. "Your brother."  Both the boys looked at who just spoke. Their dad has just awakened.
"So how are you feeling?" Henry asked the person who is responsible of his existence. Henry knew that his father's state is serious. He remember seeing him when he was younger. he looks very serious but he is active and very good looking. now he looks weak and it makes him concerned. What he feared of in his life for so long has faded. The fear of being rejected was thrown out. He never felt rejected from the time he set foot inside that hospital room.
"Im fine. I just came from chemo therapy so i was not able to attend to you call. sorry." He shared "Good thing that Sungkyu was able to answer your call. and now you are here son." He smiled delightedly. Though his body is weak and very tired His happiness shown through his smile when he spoke to his son. The son he longed for a very long time.
"No problem dad." Henry replied. He finally was able to say the word without hate and prejudice.
"Why dont you and your brother walk around and talk while I take a little rest." He said and closed his eyes. The two young lads paced to the door.
Krystal was sitting at the park all along sipping on her ice cold Pepsi. It’s nearing nighttime so the Temperature is not scorching. She was alone thinking of how Amber has improved. Well her social skills. Opening up to new people and not to mention BOYS. She remembers that because of Amber she knew Myungsoo. and its on this same park bench. She recalls...
Myungsoo waited everyday patiently in the morning just to see Amber or even try to approach her whenever she and Krystal passes by every morning. One day Myungsoo just took the courage to confess to the girl. Myungsoo is naturally silent so its hard for him to actually say things like I like you to a girl . He was sitting at the bench when Amber and Krys was passing by. He stood up and prepare himself to talk to her. While they were jogging he tried jogging along with them "Hi, Mind if I jog with you guys?" Myungsoo shyly asked. Krystal who was looking at him knew he was trying to make a move and to not put him down, its obvious to her the cute guy has morale issues. "Yeah... Why not?" she cutely smiled. "Nothing’s wrong with jogging... Right amber?" She said cheekily.
"Whatever." Amber replied as she ran ahead.
Everyday Myungsoo would wait for them to pass, Everyday the sight of her makes him smile. The words she says makes him fluster.  and still everyday he gets the same reaction from Amber. One day he waited patiently at the bench he has flowers prepared to be given to amber. a piece of paper where he wrote all his feelings just in case he cant say it he will just read it to her. The day he finally decided to confess his feelings to her has come.  Today he waited much longer and to his dismay They did not arrive. He sat at the bench with a long face. clueless of what to do. "Aww... No amber today" He was sadly and blankly staring at the ground when suddenly a pair of feet was in front of him. He looked up and saw a girl cutely smiling at him.
"Hi Krystal." he greeted still with a sad tone
"You're waiting for her huh?" Krystal sits beside the lad on the bench. "Sometimes you look too far when someone who is loving you is just in front of you."
"What do you mean?" Myungsoo questioned
"I know you like her..." Krystal started "So i just let you like her..."
Myungsoo was still puzzled of what Krystal was trying to make him understand
"But when I thought about it... Look at you. you are anice guy and she never noticed you." Krystal continued.
"You really mean never?" Myungsoo asked
"Well she must say hi once in a while but She just broke up with her boyfriend and I dont think she's ready for someone else." Krystal enlightens Myungsoo. "and... and.. you dont deserve this."
Myungsoo looked at Krystal straight in the eyes and he saw in her that she sincerely cared.
"Why are you saying this?" he questioned
Krystal was just silent for a bit. Myungsoo waited for her to say what is in her mind. "So...?" Krystal moved closer and closer and closer and kissed Myungsoo on his right cheek and after doing so she smiled and moved a bit back
"I like you." Krystal uttered. "I hope you dont mind girls confessing." she started to be slightly embarrassed and her cheeks starts to redden.
"You do?" Myungsoo asked with a little disbelief
"Yes!" Krystal nodded "Since day one!"
Krystal smiles recalling how Myungsoo and she started out.  Then a pair of feet showed up in front of her and kneeled down to level with her. It was a handsome young man smiling at her. "Did you wait long? Im sorry."
"Not really.." Krystal smiles at him. He entwined his hand to hers and kissed the back of her hand. "I missed you today."
"Really?" He cutely raised his eyebrow
"Yeah I did." She  snuggles her face to his chest.
"Why so sweet all of a sudden?" He smiles letting go of her hand and hugging her
"Nothing really... " She uttered
“Why are you laughing?” Myungsoo asked
Krystal looks at her boyfriend in the eyes and spoke. “I just remember how we first met and how you were head over heels about Amber.”
“What would have you done if We did not end up together?” Myungsoo asked
Krystal gave him a light smirk. “I would have beaten you up to your senses” 
“No need for that I guess.” He pulled her closer and hugged her. “you have me now. But yeah I was crazy about her before. I think I can stand being beaten up by you rather than be beaten up by Amber. Have you seen her punch? She’s scary!” he laughed
“I know right~”
Sungkyu and Henry ended up at the nearby coffee shop.
Both ordered Simple brewed coffee and sat at the table on the patio.
"What does he have?" Henry asking what his dad is going through. He might not be close with his dad but that does not mean he is not giving him a chance, especially now. They are all grownups and he feels he need to deal with his dad as a grown up too.
"Well.. He has Cancer." Sungkyu uttered. Henry knew that Sungkyu is scared however he shows how strong he is.  He is the only one his dad has well now it makes the two of them since Henry is back.
"How are you?" Henry asked
"Im okay.. I guess." Sungkyu replied as he took a sip off his hot cup of coffee. "I mean I have accepted it. And his Chemo therapy seems working."
"I hope you don’t mind. I’m just curious..." Henry started to asks questions to know about his only brother "How Old are you?"
"Twenty-two..." Sungkyu replied "You must be puzzled why we are the same age. " My mom died when i was born. he told me everything when I was old enough to understand. He told me that I have a brother in the United States that he loves and misses so much."
"Wow..." Henry's face was still serious but he was amused  how he and Sungkyu are the same age and only with several months difference.
"I know I can’t imagine it either. But what dad said is that He and My mother broke up and he did not know that he got her pregnant when he went to the states." Henry listened closely to every word Sungkyu spoke "Well there he met your mom they fell in love and they had you. Since my mom is not that well off he asked for help to support me. So he left the states. and took responsibility of his actions"
"And again he did not know that I was conceived?" Henry asked.
"yes." Sungkyu answered directly " He wanted to go back to you and your mom. but he does not know how to explain why he has a baby with him if ever he did go back. But let me tell you this Henry. Not a single day our dad has forgotten about you and your mom."
Henry smiles. He may have not said anything but inside he finally felt whole. There's no missing piece. No hate he may regret a bit for not welcoming his dad in his life when he tried reaching out to him before but now he understands that it was never easy for him.
"Im sorry if I destroyed your family..." Sungkyu uttered
"What are you saying man. Its not your fault" Henry replied. "We're brothers right?" That day Henry decided he will do anything to make his father and Brother feel that he accepts them.
Sungkyu's phone starts ringing. and he pulls it out of his pocket.
"hello?" Henry stood up and excused himself for a bit. "Excuse me.." Henry nodded and took another sip off his coffee. and not long Sungku came back and sat back down. "Sorry about that"
"We should hang out more often.." Henry said "Since you grew up here you should like take me around and stuff. Introduce me to your friends."
Sungkyu smiled in agreement "Why not bro~: He excitedly said. "I shold bring you to my studio one of these days."
"You have a studio?" Henry sounding interested
"Yes. I will expand it to a music studio after I year." Sungkyu added.  "You produce and write music right?"
"Yes im studying but i have written a few songs. why?" Henry asked
"That's cool" Sungkyu thinking that they can help out each other. maybe one day. " Can you write a song for me?" he jokingly said.
"What for?" curiously Henry asked
"Well... for a girl.."