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29 September 2011 @ 08:13 am
[fic] can you smile :) 10/?  
Title: Can you smile


Rating: PG 13 

Characters: Sungkyu (Infinite), Amber (f(x)), Krystal (f(x)), Myungsoo aka L of (Infinite)
Warnings: Broken Henber or wait.. you'll never know. 


When you unlearned how to love.. Do you think you can smile?

"i remember that feeling from a long ago
when i looked at you

i remember that time when i knew you,
you knew me"

I cant seem to have you only with my heart...

Chapter 1: Suspicious
Chapter 2: Tacos and Burritos
Chapter 3: Special Delivery
Chapter 4: Ice Cream
Chapter 5: I miss you already
Chapter 6: Thunder
Chapter 7: Ready for a fall
Chapter 8: Nothing's Over
Chapter 9: Memories


Amber looked at her watch and realized it was end of day for her. She set the story boards she was reviewing down on the table and fixed the other documents in one neat pile. Little did she know she has a spectator who was standing at the door watching her every move.
“Ehem.” Donghae getting her little sister’s attention.
Amber looks to his direction “How long have you been standing there?” she asked
“I don’t know.. long enough I guess.” He walks closer to her sis “Do you have any plans tonight? I was thinking we have dinner out tonight.”
“I don’t think I have anything planned. What do you have in mind?” Amber questions
“Well.. I have been here for days now and we never got the chance to hang out or have dinner or anything.. so I was just wondering.” Donghae utters.
Suddenly excited Soojung showed up “Are we ready yet?”
“You’re coming?” Amber asked
“Like duhhhhh. Of course.. Donghae Oppa said we are having dinner so yes Im going. Its not always that he is here…” Krystal explains and I miss Donghae Oppa.” She clings to Hae’s arm.
 “And besides you may never know how long I am gonna stay here. After everything is fixed here Im going back to the US.” Donghae starts to pace out of the office. As the two girls followed him.
“I called Heechul and Sungmin to join us. I hope you girls don’t mind.” Donghae said
“What do you mean?” Amber asked “What do you mean fix I don’t recall any problems in the office that needs attention or needs ‘FIXING’”
Donghae pressed the power lock buttons on his car keys and the doors unlocked. Amber took the front passenger seat and Krystal took the back seat. “what do you mean fixing?”
Donghae did not answer which made amber a little concerned thinking did she screw things up in their office. Was there something that needs to be done fast. A lot of things circled her brains but she cannot think of anything.
Sungkyu and Myungsoo were already at he samgyeopsal restaurant when The three arrived. When They were walking towards them, the two younger men stood up greeted and bowed politely to greet Donghae who was older than them
“You two are pretty punctual.” Donghae commented as a compliment to the two lads
“Oppa, remember Sungkyu, and Myungsoo is Krystal’s boyfriend” Krystal immediately walking over to myungsoo and clings to his arms. “yes he’s mine” She cutely and proudly proclaimed.
They all were assisted by one of the waitresses to one of the private rooms. And they took their seats, Amber Sat besideSungkyu and Krys beside her boy.
“Give is the usual.” Dongahe said to the girl and she nodded to the man’s instruction. Suddenly there were two more guys that showed up. “The world famouse Heechul is here” He loudly said as he opened the door. Sungmin was following the older and letting out a chuckle with the proud announcement. Donghae stood up and gave His hyung a fist bump and a hug,
Amber excitedly stood up from her seat and walked over to her two loved cousins. “Heechul Oppa! Sungmin Oppa” Sungmin messes up her hair as she smilingly and excitedly clinged to him.
Sungkyu watched how cheerful Amber was around her cousins. He understands why he moves boyishly at times and he also realized that she is treated like a princess by them. Like a precious gem. They treasure her a lot. Just the way he also thinks of her and would like to treat her. He wants her to always be by his side.
Amber then introduces Myungsoo and Sungkyu to them who just arrived. “Oppa, They are Krys and my friends. Myungsoo and Sungkyu.”
Heechul suddenly remembered “Ohhhh so he’s the guy that is replacing my boy—“ He stopped when He got hit with Amber’s Elbow “Umpphh! What was that about?”
Sungmin again smilingly chuckled right behind and greeted the two “Nice meeting you two.”
Amber pulls Sungmin by the arm to sit beside her. Sungkyu enjoyed the amber she is seeing now. Smiling and like a kid. Like a little girl he wants to just take around and just take care of.
The lady from earlier came back now with tray in hand and the appetizers were set on the table.
“Are you okay?” Amber checked on her guest
“Yeah… Im enjoying.” Sungkyu said.
“Enjoying what?” amber curiously asks
Sungkyu did not answer but just showed her a smile.
Donghae who was across the table watched Sungkyu closely. There is no reason for him not to like Sungkyu for her sister however What he wanted is for amber to really be sure of what she feels. He wondered…what if she knew that Henry is here for her. The other boy would end up getting hurt.
After the heavy and very hearty meal Everyone was full and the room was noisy with their voices laughing and chatting. They started walking out of the place. Donghae pulled the tab and paid with his credit card. Sungkyu gently  pulled amber closer to him  “Who’s taking you home?” He whispered to her.
“Oppa’s taking me home. And Heechul oppa is with us. I think they have other plans.” Amber smiled
“Oh okay..” He was a little disappointed that he cannot spend some more time with her.
“Thanks for the meal hyung…” Sungkyu appreciatively said as he extended his had for a handshake
“Not a problem you seemed like nice kids.” Donghae uttered
“We’ll go ahead. Myungsoo said bowing respectfully and the two young man with Krystal walked to the opposite direction.
Sungkyu was driving seriously when Myungsoo suddenly opened up a topic to break the silence. “Amber was really cute with her family”
Krystal smiles. “She’s their one and only princess. They really look out for her a lot. I guess that is the reason why they liked her ex-boyfriend so much. He loved her and treated her like she’s his everything”
“Do you think I can match up to what he was?” Sungkyu said on a serious note.
“You know what. I wont be able to answer that. As long as you are sincere with her and with what you feel I think You are gonna be alright.” Krystal taps his shoulder “He was really a cool guy. I guess It just wasn’t their time. Amber loved him a lot you know.”
“that’s why she got me dumped.” Myungsoo jokes.
“You got dumped because you are meant to be with me.” Krystal said cutely. Myungsoo reaches for her hand and kissed it.
“you liked her before?” Sungkyu laughed “I never knew about this.”
“Don’t worry hyung… I wont go your way.” Myungsoo looked at kyrs with a teasing expression. “I don’t want to be beaten up by my princess here. “
Amber, Donghae, Sungmin and Heechul did not go straight home as expected. Heechul brought Donghae to his pub to have a taste of partying. He has been working since he came back and Heechul just want to show him around.
“This place is really cool hyung.” Donghae raised his voice so that his companions can hear him. The loud banging of the bass filled the dark room. The crowd was obviously having a time of their life. Drinks are flowing and a lot of good looking men and women are in the venue as well.
“Of course. Only the elite can come here.” Heechul brags. Well his business has its own bragging rights. A lot of famous people party in the place as well. “You kids enjoy… All drinks on the house!!!” Heechul shouts as he leave them to party and he met with some people he know.
Amber was at awe. She did see some famous personalities and her cousin just casually talks to them. “Wow he is this rich and famous but he always salvages my milk from the my fridge.”  She thought aloud and laughed.
Girls started swarming his brother and cousin…  one of them just  pulled him close to her by the tie. Donghae was not able to resist. He was actually staring at anotherone of the girls who was wearing a very skimpy skirt. “Ooooh~” he just mouthed as he continued to stare at her soft silky perfect long legs. Sungmin on the other hand was just silent, another girl stood beside her. She simply said Hi. This one have big breasts. Amber shook hear head with amazement. She looked at the girl and looked at herself. “Wow those are huge. I wonder what cup she is…” Both the boys were pulled by the girls to the dance floor. Amber ended up alone. She walked towards the bar and a familiar face greeted him.
“Here.” A handsome looking man gave him a vodka tonic to drink. “You’re brother and cousins would be pretty pre occupied until later if you ask me”
“Zhoumi oppa!” Amber delightedly shouted
“YO~” He replied “You chill here while I serve these others.”
“but you are a DJ what the heck are you doing serving drinks?” Amber asked
“Oh the bartender just went out for a bit. Im just covering for now.” Zhoumi flashes he handsome smile and winks at the girl.
Sungkyu dropped myungsoo and Krystal off and headed straight to the hospital. When he got there He straightly went to  the room and Henry was already asleep. He tapped him softly and the lad woke up. “henry… Henry… You can go home and rest if you want. I can stay for tonight.”
Henry rubbed his eyes and streched his arms. “Are you sure bro?”
Sungkyu nodded and smiled
Henry picked up his jacket and headed out.
When he closed the door his phone started vibrating and he answered it.
“Hello?” Henry greeted All he can hear was the loud music in the background.”Hyung?” He looked at the cellphone screen to check who was calling him. It was donghae’s number flashing on his screen. “What? I cannot hear you! Where are you? HELLOOOOO~”
He tried hard deciphering what the other was saying on the other end of the line but it was hopeless. “Are you out partying?”
Donghae on the other hand went to  a much quieter place. That small hallway to the restroom “Come here quick!”
“Where are you exactly?” Henry asked
“At Heechul hyung’s club. I’ll text you the address. Make sure you come! Or I’ll hit you on the face again!” The music still leaked through Henry’s phone until Donghae hung up. Not long his phone vibrates and this time it’s a message.
After drinking 4 glasses of vodka tonics and pretty much doing nothing. Amber decided to just leave the boys alone. It seems that they forgot about her. Or so she thought. Amber stood up and walked out the club. After A minute she was gone. Henry entered the main entrance. He looked around for Donghae and Sungmin. And after walking around and throught the sea of people bumpin’ and grindin to the cool beats he found Sungmin.
“Hyung!” Henry patted the older on the back.
“Hey Donghae!” Sungmin calls the other “Henry’s here.”
Donghae left  the girl who was all over him the whole night and walked to the younger lad. “You made it.”
“Yeah so.. Im here… what now?” he asked
Donghae checks his phone for the time. “Amber’s here”

“What do you mean she’s here?” henry asked
“What the heck are you asking. Im saying is She’s here.” Donghae knocking henry’s head lightly she took a second look at her phone and noticed a text.
I left. You and Sungmin Oppa enjoy.
Im kinda tired so I’ll go ahead
Henry was about to run around to look for her when suddenly Donghae facepalms and utters. “Nevermind… She just left.”
Henry with high hopes that she is still in the area did not stop. He was rushing to get through the crowd and out the door to catch her. Outside he looked around. Pacing back and forth looking at the people around if he can see her but no trace of her anywhere. No amber. He was dismayed. Catching his breath he walked back in the club and sat at the bar “A bottle of beer please” he was handed a bottle of beer and as he was about to say thanks to the bar tender he was awestrucked “Zhoumi hyung?!?”
“Yes that’s me.” Zhoumi smiled “I thought you were still amber. Well she was just there a while ago…”
“You know sometimes I think the both of you are the same person… Just different genders.” He joked. “Its weird huh? Have you seen each other already?”
“Nope.” Henry flashes a faint smile  and a long sigh.
“oh… I think I’ll need to leave you here. Im gonna go to my office.” Zhoumi points to the suspended DJ’s booth Up in the middle of the dance floor.
 “guess its not time yet…” Henry said to himself as he gulped down the entire contents of the bottle in his hand.
Next Day Donghae was sitting at his usual spot when Amber passed.
“Where are you going little miss lady?” Donghae  said making Amber Halt from taking another step. “Who me?” Amber asked pointing to herself
“Yes you...” Donghae raises his curious brows as The girl walked in his office.
“ I need to meet my client...” Amber saying casually
“Meeting? Not Dating your client right?” Donghae still suspicious.
Amber gathered all her thoughts. His brother is smart and older than her so that means he knows more about life than her in anyway she can imagine. She need to give him the right answer or else...
Or else... She will get the scolding for the teasing for life.
“well.. Im old enough...” She softly replied
“What did you say?” Donghae asked
Amber thought she gave him the wrong response.
“You said you were old enough... Okay.. I give you that. But are you being fair?”
“I knew it~” Amber mumbled
“What pretty little miss?” Donghae has a smile at the corner of his lips starting to show up.
“Why do you keep throwing the ‘Am I being fair’ question at me always I know what I feel.” Amber replies.
“So you mean you are over the guy who you broke up  with who was hoping to be with you even if he is away? Did you know that that boy is willing to give up everything for you?”
“What do you know? Oppa. Why do you keep on pushing me to him He was the one who left me.” Amber raising her voice  a bit. Donghae understood. She is still in a hard situation. He knew she can never let go that easy though she tries to cope but its just not that easy.
“What I am saying Amber is YOU... you know what is right. The right thing to do and the right time.”
“Okay fine... I need to leave I need to meet Sungkyu today. I’ll tell him what he’s getting into if you want me to be fair. FINE” Amber walks out the room
The moment the her kid sister left the room he just smiled and shook his head.
Days passed by so fast. Henry was taking care of his dad while his brother took care of some business stuff. He thinks his brother’s business is interesting. Well its in line with his interest so helping him out is not a problem to him. He actually is more than willing to do so. But for now He just like to take care of his dad. He brought his guitar with him everyday trying to write songs just to pass the time and also to make sure that he has something to submit for his credits in school. He contacted them and asked if he can be converted to an online module or course which they agreed.
Henry strums his guitar as he sings a part of his new song
“Tell me what, tell me  why I care but baby tell me what you want~ I Think about the time when we were enless lover’s yeah~ you’re feelin me~”
His dad slowly open’s his eyes hearing the excellent playing of the guitar “That’s a nice song... Who is it for?” He asked
Henry stops playing and places his guitar aside and paid his full attention to the older man. “No one in particular. Why did you ask dad?”
“Something meaningful like that cannot just be anything. It must be for someone.” He uttered
“I’m just creating music for school that’s pretty much it dad.” Henry reasons trying to shrug off his dad’s conclusions
“You are my son you know and I think some things that I possess can be in you.” He jokes.
“You mean...”
“Henry boy... Your man does not give up love that easily. I think both you and Sungkyu are the same.” He smiles.
Henry went silent. He thought about what his old man has just said and yes he was definitely right on. “The doctor said you will be discharged tomorrow. Do you feel better?” Henry asked
“Yeah I don’t even know why they need to keep me here for that long. I have been okay since last week. I’m not that weak.”
“You are like a stubborn kid you know... Mom was right.” Henry laughs.
The older man’s interest was captured by his son “Now really your mom told you that?”
“He does mention you from time to time. Specially when she scolds me and says I take a lot of things after you.” Henry shared
“Did she ever get married?” Jay asked “She never mentioned anything when I talked to her about it though”
“Well.. Im the only man in his life.” Henry uttered. “That’s what she always says”
The door opened slowly and Sungkyu arrived with a group of boys. They came in one by one and greeted The patient laying in bed.
“Waaaaahhhh you guys are here!” They all greeted him cheerfully and respectfully.
“We brought some fruits...” Myungsoo raises a basket filled with different kinds of citrus a bunch of bananas and lychees. Myungsoo saw the stranger sitting at the side of the bed.
“Hyung...” He faced Sungkyu “Is he you’re brother?” he asked
Woohyun who was opening a can of juice and pouring it in a glass for their uncle butted in “Obvious isn’t it? He does look like Sungkyu hyung”
“Is it bad to ask?” Myungsoo uttered. What if he is a cousin or something. He thought the stranger looked familiar. He never really saw him or met him before. He is sure that he was never introduced by Sungkyu even once. Not even in pictures. But he just seemed very familiar.
“So what do you do?” Hoya asked “You are not from here right? You dont look like someone who lived long in Korea”
“No.. I just came a month ago..” Henry answers
“Do you dance? Sungkyu Hyung has a talent for dancing and singing..” Sungyeol asked
“Uhmmm...” Henry was supposed to answer but Sungkyu answered the question “My brother is good in writing songs. Well that’s what I know. I haven’t seen him dance yet. He plays the violin too.”
“Cool!” Woohyun utters as he bites of his peeled banana “You should drop by the studio once you can hang out with us”
“You kids are really a nice bunch.” Jay said “Make sure you show Henry around.”
Henry felt welcomed even with his brother’s friends or so he thought. Myungsoo was sitting at the corner looking at all of them being acquainted. He just feels that something is not right. There’s something with Henry staying that makes him feel their world is going to turn upside down He just cannot point out how a stranger can do so. 
Amber dropped by the coffee shop and had Sungkyu on the other line.
“So where are we going to meet?” She asked as she stood in line for someone to take her order. “You want anything? I’m at Starbucks”
“Okay I’ll grab some for everyone.” She uttered dropping the call just in time when she reached the counter. She looked at the display counter and pointed at the cinnamon twisted croissants “I’ll have 10 of those ~ And one Caramel Frappe and make that to go~”
Once the pastries was ready the lady handed it over to her and she walked out of the coffee shop. She opens her car door and slid in. She placed the bag on the passenger seat and grabbed her cell phone. And starting creating an
SMS Message
“I’m on my way... J
Then she sent it to Sungkyu
She parked the car, stopped the engine and checked herself in the mirror. When she was satisfied with how she looks she grabbed the bag of pastries and got off the car. It took a little walking until she got to the room. She heard the rowdy noise from inside and then she opened the door. The guys were all standing and joking around when they saw here. Henry was sitting still on his spot and there she was. Standing in front of him. She was so shocked to see not Sungkyu but Henry inside that room. At first she thought she was just seeing things. But this time she really isn’t. Amber froze. Her breathing became deeper and she kinda feel that the world is getting smaller and smaller.
Then the door opened again and Sungkyu arrived with a wide grin on his face. “Hi amber!” he greeted. “So you found your way… I was just at the-- ”