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04 October 2011 @ 06:02 am
[fic] can you smile :) 11/?  
Title: Can you smile


Rating: PG 13 

Characters: Sungkyu (Infinite), Amber (f(x)), Krystal (f(x)), Myungsoo aka L of (Infinite)
Warnings: Broken Henber or wait.. you'll never know. 


When you unlearned how to love.. Do you think you can smile?

"i remember that feeling from a long ago
when i looked at you

i remember that time when i knew you,
you knew me"

I cant seem to have you only with my heart...

Chapter 1: Suspicious
Chapter 2: Tacos and Burritos
Chapter 3: Special Delivery
Chapter 4: Ice Cream
Chapter 5: I miss you already
Chapter 6: Thunder
Chapter 7: Ready for a fall
Chapter 8: Nothing's Over
Chapter 9: Memories
Chapter 10: Slowly 
Chapter 11: BubbleGum


Amber froze with the sight of Henry. She cannot think of things why He is there.

Henry stood up and approached the girl did not hesitate to hug her tight. Everyone was shocked including Sungkyu who was standing near the door. His head was clouded with confusion as to what to think. Seeng His brother hugging the girl he loves so much. Him hugging her tight and he himself is not the one doing it.

Amber was still stunned but she feels him. She can even feel his heartbeat in her chest. She wants to hug him back. She wanted to for so long but she just cannot. Why now. Why?

Myungsoo watched them from his corner. “I knew something was wrong.” He thought. And he was right. Who knew. Amber’s ex boyfriend is Sungkyu’s brother. 

Sungkyu finally got his grip back and walked towards amber “Ehem” Henry let goes of the girl. “Did not know that knew Amber.” He forces himself to smile.

“Oh yeah I do. We are… we are…” Henry did not know how to finish his statement. He looked at amber and wished he had a clue of what to say. While everyone waited for his answer.

“We are friends.” Amber finished the sentence for him. Henry has expected something else to come from her. He did not expect that their meeting is going to be like this. He knew it immediately that nothing is gonna be the same. Its not like before. Is it she? Is it her that
Sungkyu mentioned about the song the last time. Are they in love with the same girl? But how can he compete with his own brother. Should he think that he was the first one in her heart. But what if inside that heart its not him anymore. What if now its Sungkyu now and not him. How will he face it? How will he accept it?

“Cool!” Hoya cheered. “So you guys no each other. Its nice that we just have the same circle of  friends its gonna be easier for everyone” Well he thought

Myungsoo was observing how Henry, Sungkyu and Amber are reacting with each other. He had this amused smirk on his face. Shaking his head with the thought that something this complicated happens in real life. He watched amber stealing glances at Henry wanting to talk to him. Sungkyu having all his attention on amber and Henry sitting by the window looking reallu confused, puzzled and bothered. Sungkyu looked concerned as well but in Myungsoo’s eyes what he is doing is just making himself pre occupied with taking care of amber and shrugging  off  the idea that the person amber loved the most was … yes his only brother.


Later the boys left and the people in the room was the patient, Sungkyu, Henry and Amber. Amber was not able to talk to him. All she did the whole afternoon was look at him. She wanted to say something but it just wont come out. Nothing comes out of her mouth because the questions she has are all in her heart and she just cannot let it now.

“So… How are you?” Henry asked smilingly. He was really curious of how she was doing. The real thing.. Thinking that Donghae will not go flying to him just to punch him in the face if she was perfectly fine.

“Uhm… Im okay.” She paused “When did you arrive?”

“Not long…” Henry did not say when exactly or Amber will know he arrived with his brother. “I have some things to deal with here in Korea so that’s why I came.”

“Oh… I see.” Amber kind of wished it was her. The reason he came but now its just not the right time. “you did not tell me that you have a brother…” She looks at Sungkyu

“well he didn’t know it either young lady.” Jay said “It’s a surprise to henry as much as it’s a surprise to you.” He smiled.

Amber still thought of things that can bring him back. Is it because he found out his dad is sick? He has to do something else which is important? Or is it because of her. Does his brother’s sudden appearance have something to do with this? Was this the thing that needs fixing? A lot of things just went into her mind.

“maybe we should hang out sometime!” Henry said.

“Yeah…” Amber paused “maybe…”


Henry went back home to Sungmin’s crib and went straight to his room and laid in bed. He looked at the clock in the wall. He checked his cell phone for any messages he might have missed. He was really bothered. He can’t help think about amber and Sungkyu. Its kinda late he’s tired but he can’t go to sleep with this much going around his head. It just doesn’t feel right… Did he loose his chances with her? Now that he is willing to give up everything for her. Is he losing her? He pretended he was okay the whole day but when he puts the pieces of the puzzle together it’s really hard to think that He and Amber can be together. He stared at the ceiling for so long thinking. I may see her smile but he knows that he was not alright all these time. He can tell that he wasn’t or maybe now she is. If she is… Is he ready to say goodbye?

“if she leaves… She’s still gonna haunt me.” He said to himself. He’s gonna be dating my brother and that’s to painful to watch… Can I stop her? But that’s going to be unfair” He wants to pull her closer but how can he do that without hurting people around him.

“Now you regret leaving her Henry don’t you!”
Suddenly loud bangin’ from the front door was heard which startled everyone. Henry got up to check on it. Donghae was also alarmed with the banging so he checked on who is at the door.

“What’s up with ---“ Henry uttered as Donghae opened the door and Amber was standing at the door furious.

“yah! You  have something to do with Hen—“ she was brought to a standstill when she saw Henry staring blankly at her.

“You were saying?” Donghae asked as amber looked at looking back at Henry With longing eyes almost like tearing up. “you know what I have an Idea.”

Amber glares at her older brother. As Henry stood there controlling his urge to just hug her. Hold her tight in his arms. “Both of you talk and just…. “ He cant think of anything to say..”Well.. just talk.”Donghae holds one of Henry’s arm and One of Amber’s. he dragged both kids to the biggest bedroom in the house and inside the walk in closet.

“Hyung what are you doing?” Henry asking while trying to get away. Amber also trying to get loose from his brother’s grip. Donghae  then pushes them inside the closet and locks them in.
Sungmin was kinda surprised two people was being dragged to his room and into his closet. “hyung.. Hyung… Hyung…”

“Sorry Sungmin, This is the only room that has a lock from the outside…” Donghae flashes a wide playful grin and walks back to the living room. Sungmin follows him and they both settled at the comfy living room couch. “That will make them talk and deal with whatever they need to deal with.” He said.


Amber walked to one of the corners of the walk in closet and sat on the floor. “I was expecting more of the pink side with SUngming Oppa.” She laughs “why is it that he has so much yellow in his wardrobe.” Amber saying avoiding to start a topic about them.

“What happened to us amber?” Henry asked directly to the point. “Is there still us?”
Amber looked away trying with all her might not to tear up. She wants to tell him everything. That she has missed him terribly, the sleepless nights, like a piece of her was missing when he was gone. But her pride keep on bugging her. It kept on preventing her from being honest to him, to herself.

“Why are you asking this Henry? Why now?”

Henry knew he’s not getting anything out of Amber. Although He is not ready for what she may say. What if she says she wants him out of her life. Or that she loves her brother now and he should get lost. Henry had to know. He just has to know “Do you like my brother. Oh no Do you love my brother.”

“Why Henry… Why did you come back” Amber threw a question back. She herself doesn’t know how to react and reply to the boy’s questions and she has questions going in circles in her mind as well.

“Are we over?” Henry asked pulling Amber closer to him. Amber avoided his sad eyes looking at her. Her eyes started to tear up. “tell me Amber” Henry tilted her chin to face him. And she started crying. Henry cannot stand to see her this way. And even when they were together He never made her cry. Not even let he shed one drop of tear. He longed for her for so long. Missed her every day that he was away. He pulled her closed and leaned in his hand grabbing the back of her neck and gently their lips touched. Amber was stiff at first but she loosened and surrendered to him. She missed his scent. She missed his lips, she missed everything about him. Amber responding to the kiss, Henry was assured He’s not lost yet. She is still his.

Henry slowly moved back and brushed the tears off her eyes. Amber looked at her not saying a single word and shyly smiled. “I missed you.”

Henry pulled her close to him and smiled with delight “I know. And you don’t know how much I have missed you. I love you Amber and I have never stopped loving you.” He kissed her forehead and hugged her tighter. Amber stopped crying because finally he’s back to her. Back in her arms. For how long she does not know. But whatever happens she’s not letting go anymore. Not ever.

“How long do you think we are going to stay here?” Amber laughed.

“The longer the better.” He smiled “This will be our World of our own.. for a short while. So that I can kiss you as much as I want.”

“Like this?” Without much more words Amber moved in and kissed him again in the lips. This time more needy. Henry thought he was gonna loose his senses. Surprised by the move Amber did. He is surprised because Amber never made the first move. Her hands moving to the back of his head, gently tugging on his Soft locks she kissed him more and more. “I like you’re new lip gloss… you taste like bubble gum” he said as he moved backfrom her for a slight moment.

“Then have more…” Amber had the naughty smile on her face and moved forward to kiss him.


Sungmin stood up… 

“Where are you going?” I forgot my cellphone is inside the closet… I’m just gonna get it.” Sungmin answered

Donghae checks his watch “How long has the two been there…” he said as he narrows his vision back to the wide screen television
Sungmin pulls Donghae’s wrist to check the time “For about an hour… Should I check how they are doing as well?”

“I think you should.” Donghae replied.

Sungmin then walked back to his room humming. And turned to the closet door. “Hmmmm they seem silent…” He thought as he was reaching for the lock. I just hoped they did not throw things around. Sungmin opened the door wide and was surprised to see what the two were doing…

O_O ß Sungmin was speechless. Henry’s hair was messy. Amber’s both hands tugging on his hair. Henry’s hand coming up inside the back of her shirt. Both breathing heavy. And they did not stop until they realize that Sungmin was standing there watching them. “Ehem” he pretended clearing his throat. “You two really are something you know. Im just here to get my phone. Can you hand it to me? Its on top of that shirt… “ Amber reached for it and handed it to Sungmin. Sungmin then quickly let himself out and closed the door like how he found it. But this time unlocked.  He smilingly walked back to the living room.

As he walked back. Amber and Henry looked at each other laughing “Did Sungmin hyung Just caught us kissing?” Henry said

Amber nodded “I guess he did” she smiles
Sungmin sat down beside Donghae with an amused smile.

“So how are the kids?”  Donghae asked as he changed  the channel

“I think they’re okay…”

“Are they cool now?”

“The mirrors in the closet are fogging now…” Sungmin uttered.

“What do you mean?” Donghae’s focus on the TV was shifted to the man speaking beside him.

“I walked in there and they were… should I say…” Sungmin paused as he recalled what he saw inside “Swapping Salivas.”

“You mean you found them kissing inside the closet?” Donghae asked.

Sungmin cutely nodded

“Hmmm… Okay.. It ended better than expected then. I thought the boy would get beat up” He laughs loudly and delightedly that its fixed.


Henry waited outside Amber’s Apartment building. Leaning his back against his car… He looked excited finally they are back to normal. No more questions inside his head and the fear of losing her is gone. After a few minutes there she was walking towards him. With a smile on her face.

Her cheeks perfect with a light touch of blush. As she walked nearer and nearer Henry is being intoxicated by her smell. The bubble gum scent from last night. He can still taste it. Finally she was in front of him. He reached for her hand and kissed the back of it.

“Good morning.” Henry greeted with a smile.  “Had a nice sleep? Did you dream of me?”

“No~” Amber stuck her tongue out

“Awww” Henry pouted

“I don’t need to dream anymore…” She smiled  and puts her arms around his neck staring him straight in the eyes “You wont leave me
again right?”

Henry kisses the tip of her nose “No… I’ll stay here for you.”

Henry opens the door for the young lady and she got in the car. He shut the door close and excitedly went to the driver’s side and slid in.

“So where are we going?” Amber asked

“I really have no plans. Lets just go anywhere, just have fun” He smiles.

“I missed you” Amber suddenly said

“I know…” Henry cupped her cheeks and pinched it. He thought its really cute that Amber blurts out random stuff that she feels. No one is lying to themselves anymore. But it never escaped his head that They may hurt someone. He does not want to hurt his brother but he also has to follow his heart.


The car stopped at an amusement park Henry and Amber got off the car. With a wide smile Henry extended his hand and Amber reached for it.  Fingers entwined they both walked in. Henry nor Amber did not want to let go of each other’s hands. Its been to long. So much time wasted. When they got in the two kids cannot decide what to do first.

“So… What should we do first? Eat or enjoy the rides?” Henry asked

“I dunno you tell me…”

“If we eat first what if we throw up everything after going through a rid?” Amber replied

“Good thinking.. Why didn’t I think of that.” He laughs embarrassingly

“I dunno…” Amber laughs. “But those cotton candies look yummy. We can have sweets right?”

“hmmmm… let me think about it…” Henry replied. “Yes I think we can have those.”

In a not so far distance…
Woohyun has his arms around her date as they walked and strolled around the park. He made sure that his date Jiyoon was having fun with him. They were enjoying their conversation and having a laugh when he suddenly saw someone familiar. His steps suddenly came to a halt wanting to take a closer look if it was indeed who he thought he saw. He held his date by the hand dragging her closer to who he was looking at.
“Hey what’s up why suddenly we are  spying on other couples?” Jiyoon asked
“I just thought I saw someone familiar.” Woohyun replied.
“Why do we need to check are they really that important? Are we spying on your ex? Is that the reason why you
brought me here? So that you can follow her around?” She said with a disappointed tone
“No baby its not like that.” Woohyun defended as he took another look and this time the couple who he was trying to see was has turned and he did see two familiar face? He looked at them looking really happy. Fingers entwined, and feeding each other. Then he sees the guy pulling the girl close, and the girl did not object to the action and put her arms around his back.
“Henry?!?! With Amber?” Woohyun was shocked with the sight. He actually thought that it was Sungkyu that he saw but he has mistaken. “C’mon let’s go…”
“So who are they?” Jiyoon asked
“I thought it was Sungkyu hyung.” He shakes his head.. “so… what was that about.

lalalalala... yeah... Even I cannot believe I have been updating this fast! XDDDDD 
oh well... enjoy.. whoever you are reading this :)
Bubble Gum! 
My Heart is a Hippiesitiandjane on July 9th, 2012 02:19 pm (UTC)
i love this fic!
I was waiting until the end of this story to comment ^^
Is this the end of whole fic? :(
Rd Riska Wandi Nriskawandi on December 19th, 2013 02:45 pm (UTC)
Author-nim when you'll update again? This chapter doesn't the end of story right? I'm waiting but you never update huhu please update the pretty good story. I'll waitin :'D