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13 December 2011 @ 07:20 am
[FIC/Oneshot] You're Mine~  
Title: You're Mine
One Shot
Author: Ohreeree
Rating: GP (haha for real)
Word Count : 1,832 words
Pairing: Henber
Summary: Amber has a little secret Henry doesn't know. Henry has a secret Amber does not know. 

A/N: I already started writing this fic before the whole crazy henber thing happened last night. Thankful Henry proclaimed he owns amber because I was inspired to write this. Please expect typos. I and Henry and Amber  are of the same kind. XDDD 

Amber  and Henry have been spending more than quality and productive time together.  SM Entertainment gave them a project to work on while Henry has nothing to do and F(x) is pretty much not doing anything so they can work on individual activities. Amber has not hanged out much with her bestfriend since training days. She was in the states when Henry was in Korea and when she came back Henry has to leave for Taiwan for their promotions.  So pretty much the longing is there and she terribly misses bullying him.

Henry was on his keyboard making some dope melodies while Amber waits. The agreement they made was he makes the music she makes the lyrics. She really cant rely on his lyrics because its gonna be about cheesy lines that makes even his hyungs in SJ cringe that they needed to actually change the lyrics up a bit. Amber was busy online. He was smiling as she reads and posts stuff online using Henry’s Macbook.

Henry notices Amber doing her thing with the laptop. She laid on the bed with the laptop on her stomach smiling like crazy. Henry stops playing and walks over to amber. “hey what’s up with that smile?” he asked as he sat beside her on the bed

“Nothing” Amber replied. “Just lurking around twitter”

“Lurking twitter?” Henry wondered “But you don’t have twitter..”

Amber blankly stared at Henry for a bit thinking if Henry was going at his fail streak again. “Dude, I don’t need to have a twitter account to read your tweets… Your tweets are public!” She turns the laptop screen to Henry’s direction proving her point

“Oh yeah.. I really never thought about that..” then something came up to him “Wait what are you doing checking my twitter?
You’re stalking me aren’t you?”

Amber sat up and gazed at Henry “You are a big doof! What’s interesting about your tweets?!”  She then starts to read exaggeratedly some of his tweets “ ‘WAT SHOULD I DO NEXT!? HELP! suggestions?’ What he heck is that? You asking your fans advises?” 

“what’s wrong with that? At least I know what they want.” Henry reasoned

“And this… “curious...hair up? or hair down? hat? or no hat? which one do you guys think is best? be honest! choose 1 only!!” Henry Lau You are outrageous! You even ask them of how you should do your hair?” Amber bursts out laughing “I did not know you are so image conscious”

“No  I am not…” he laughingly defended

“Yes you are.” Amber teasingly said

“NO! IM NOT!” Henry saying with emphasis moving closer to amber’s face

“Yes you are.” Amber smilingly continues as her eyes met his. Henry was not laughing anymore but was just staring at her Amber starts to feel her cheeks warming up she looked away. “Im Thisty. Where’s your fridge?”

Henry moves back and points to the direction of the kitchen. Amber stood up and walked towards the direction pointed to her by the boy. Henry looked at her back and smiled all by himself. “Gotcha Amber. Revenge is sweet.” Henry stands up and walks back to his keyboard.

Amber appeared with a glass of water. She looked at her watch “Its almost 9:00PM we haven’t had dinner yet. So what are we having?”

Henry looks at her and smiled “Fastfood Delivery?”

“What do you want?” Amber pulls out her mobile phone from her pocket and have herself ready to dial “Mcdonalds?”

“Mcdonald’s sound good… I want a Henberger…”

“What did you say?” Amber asked because she thought she was hearing things ‘Did he just say Henber?’ she thought.

“I said I want a Hamburger. The big one.. with cheese” Henry rephrased

“With cheese? Or you don’t need  it.. you have too much cheesiness to pass around” Amber threw another one at Henry and laughs

Henry got another one from amber and thought. ‘When is she going to give me a break?’ and just uttered “Stop bullying me okay.

Oh an can you have them put more ketchup for the fries?”

“Im not a bully. Im just stating facts ”  Amber flashes a wide grin at him and proceeds to dial 1600-5252 for delivery  as henry continued with his music composition. Amber drops the call and walks back to the bad and grabbed the laptop.

Amber still had herself busy with surfing random stuff online. Henry watched him from his spot as she smiled all by herself while facing the monitor. He loved how she looks when she smiles. Suddenly the Doorbell chimed and Henry was about to stand up but Amber hurryingly got up and ran towards the door. Henry curiously took a look at the Laptop screen. Amber was playing angry birds. He shook his head and smiled. Amber has the big bag of junk food and sat at the edge of the bed. Amber went straight to the bed and took out the KETCHUP AND FRIES. “Dinner is served!” she uttered as she handed Henry’s cheeseburger.

“Nice Dinner eh~” Henry said

“Yeah nice dinner.” Amber said as she took one big bite off her burger leaving ketchup on the corner of her lips. “This is really good~” she said smiling

Henry looked at Amber’s cute face while she stuffs the burger in her mouth. “Wait…” He cups the girls cheek and gently wiped of the ketchup with his thumb

Amber slowly gazes at Henry and again their eyes met. For a second she thought she was gonna melt again. Second time he stared at her tonight. She snaps out “Hey… hey.. what are you doing man?!” She moves back

“You have ketchup all over your face duffus” Henry laughs

“What is up with you? You’re strange.”

“I’m not strange you are.” He laughed


After dinner. Henry cleaned up for the both of them. He grabbed the wrappers, cups  and ketchup sachet and disposed them and
went back to his spot and Amber went back hogging the laptop. Henry observed her as she was again absorbed by what she was reading or posting. Well he is not really sure what she was doing but it seems to him that the young lady was enjoying.

“Hahaha… OMG Donghae Oppa owns me?!” Amber laughs delighted “I hope SJ fans are okay with it though… hmm”

Henry stood up and tried to check “really now?” He didn’t know what to say really. Well he wants to say that she’s his but… He’s in no position to do so. Jealous. Yes he feels that. Donghae is close to her too but the thing he envies about Donghae is he is comfortable saying those things to amber, He isn’t. well he does not want amber to take it the wrong way basically.

Amber turns to the lad standing on the side of the bed. “Well can I see?” He sat together with the girl on the bed but..

“No~” amber flashes a wide grin “I’m doing something here…”

“Oh so it’s a big secret you need to keep it from me?” Henry asks

“Yes.” She stuck her tongue out

“But that’s my laptop” Henry tried to reach and grab for the macbook

“Not anymore.” Amber closes the laptop Henry had no choice but to grab Amber’s both hands and started tickling her by her sides and her ankles. Amber was starting to runout of breathe  “What are you doing Henry Stop! Please…. Hahaha.. Stop… Now…”

“No.” Henry playfully said

“Henry stop or I’ll…..” She said as she laughed and tried to catch her breath

“You’ll what amber?”He pinned the girl under him. Henry also panting a bit because he was trying to stop Amber from moving and the energy of the girl is just unexplainable to him.

This time amber cannot resist it. Third time she looked him in the eye tonight. “Or… I’ll… Punch you in the face”

“Oh no you wouldn’t” Henry continued to tickle her again leaving amber to use her full force

“I said stop!” Amber Pushed Henry and he hanged on to her wrist pulling him on top of him. Both of them dropping on the floor.

“Ouch!” henry cringed but then he didn’t mind that at all. Amber’s face was so close to his. He can feel her breathe on his face, Feel her heart beat on his chest. He was moving his face closer to her when…

“See. I told you you should stop. Or one of us will get hurt” Amber got off him and went back to the bed.

“yeah.. Im sorry.” He uttered as he went back to the keyboard.


Its been an hour and a half of awkward silence, the two has not exchanged any words after the incident earlier. Eversince Amber went back to the laptop she was just typing and typing and typing non-stop. “Hey, are you mad?” Henry asked “I’m sorry..”

“Nope” She replied without looking back “What are you apologizing for?”

“Are you sure?”

“yep..” she continued typing “You just do what you need to do..” she rubbed her eyes and yawned looking at her watch and its already 3AM. “Can I nap for a bit?” She asked “You can just wake me up if you need my help” She said as her eyes fall. Amber was on a freefall position when Henry walked over to her and slowly took the laptop away. He gazed at her sleeping. She looked pretty even in her sleep. Only if she knew how he cared about her. Henry grabbed the blanket and slowly put it on her and moved a bit. He took one last look at her and smiled.

He went back to the keyboard again connected his headphones and started playing again.


Henry was really curious of what Donghae tweeted so he opened the macbook and all the pages that Amber was browsing was left open. He opened a new tab to check his twitter account. And saw Donghae’s tweet. And replied “Hyung, What are you doing?

She’s mine” and smiled satisfied with his deed he closed the tab and got curious of the page on the laptop monitor.
“What’s this?” He looked closer and read the website’s name “Confessions.net?” The site is about random confessions and all posts are anonymous “So this is what is keeping her busy tonight…” He smiled.

He read the most recent post…

Hamster boy is  weird tonight. We practically stared at each other like 4 times tonight. Was he trying to kiss me? The thing is I like him but I don’t think he knows and cares. Why would he care? I think he thinks I like girls. But I don’t like girls I like him…
I’m yours…

With what he read he was not sure if his heart skip a beat or the world just stopped turning. He turned to the girl in slumber and moved closer to her and whispered to her ear. “I like you too… and you’re mine”
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My Heart is a Hippiesitiandjane on July 9th, 2012 03:02 pm (UTC)
this is so cute! GAHHH!!!
sammylovesbluesammylovesblue on August 31st, 2012 08:38 am (UTC)
Ohgamjayumyumfishy on July 13th, 2013 10:32 pm (UTC)
This was... Just soooo cute... When they teased... Or stared at each other, and the end too. Hahaha I laughed with the "Henberger" part. Hahahah what a cute story. Thanks. :3
aznmusiklifeaznmusiklife on July 17th, 2013 03:52 pm (UTC)
this was so cute! hehe henburger ♥