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16 May 2011 @ 02:24 am
 Title: Can you smile
Authors: ohreeree
Rating: PG 13
Characters: Sungkyu (Infinite), Amber (f(x)), Krystal (f(x)), Myungsoo aka L of (Infinite)
Warnings: Broken Henber or wait.. you'll never know.

When you unlearned how to love.. Do you think you can smile?

"i remember that feeling from a long ago
when i looked at you

i remember that time when i knew you,
you knew me"

I cant seem to have you only with my heart...

Chapter 1: Suspicious

Chapter 2: Burritos and Tacos

Sungkyu smiled. His eyes turns into a line when he smiles. And it reminds her about HIMCollapse )
16 May 2011 @ 02:05 am

Title: Can you smile
Authors: ohreeree 
Rating: PG 13 
Characters: Sungkyu (Infinite), Amber (f(x)), Krystal (f(x)), Myungsoo aka L of (Infinite)
Warnings: Broken Henber or wait.. you'll never know. 

When you unlearned how to love.. Do you think you can smile?

"i remember that feeling from a long ago
when i looked at you

i remember that time when i knew you,
you knew me"

I cant seem to have you only with my heart... 
Chapter 1: Suspicious

she was gonna see Henry but this was a totally different guy….Collapse )
18 December 2010 @ 01:23 am
This is the life.. oh yeah.. I moved home again.. aparrently like i move once a year eversince I came to Manila... I lived in Makati na... then in QC. then Batasan,, Then Mother Ignacia.. Mandaluyong.. and then Taft... I loved Taft the most... i kinda feel homesick nga eh... i dunno but i miss the Condo sa PACIFIC REGENCY..

BUT HECK... my home now is like a freaking resort... when i go home there everyday i feel like i am on a vacation hence resulting to me being tooo lazy to go to work everyday... I forgot what i was supposed to write. LOL...

@kissumomo from twitter I love you... sooo effin much... thanks for making my day today... though nadulas ka lang. hehehe
17 December 2010 @ 04:13 am
Hello! I know i have not been able to post anything for a very long time.
I have so much in mind. you know how people change with a snap.
how people can use you.
how people can  make you believe they are loyal to you but yeah.
Loyalty and sincerity is one big thing for me.
I am direct. I can confront anyone with just like that just to make things clear
but yeah some are not like that i guess.
I asked people on facebook why they added me.
I know that is my public account but even my public account has restrictions.
you see me rant there a lot. I mean a whole lot.
and even if that is a public acct I block people like crazy...
so if you dont see me that just means you are blocked.
ang nega na nga ng mundo ko dagdag pa ibang tao so yeah.

so i'll ask you blog friend mo ba ako?


I really see no difference with this two persons.. i noticed actually pareho lang sila. pati style...
no wonder my sister said are you sure about this one person kasi yeah... na yyeah ako sa kanya...
well my sister is not much of a talker but when she says something she actually makes sense. >.<
so i listen to her but sometimes the time that i actually listen to her everything has been done and it is kinda too late... *insert song here* too late - CO-ED

i guess that's it for me today...

see you again LJ. sigh...
Current Music: Too late - Co-Ed
29 March 2010 @ 02:13 am
19 October 2009 @ 04:36 pm

The one thing i hate seeing is Teukie crying... when teuk cries i cry too..
This picture was taken from Super Show 2 in Shanghai; October 18,2009
Leeteuk should be singing Kangin's Parts but however he cannot do it... he just cried.
Siwon Hugged him to comfort him. and this is the picture...

Seriously... Only two people in this fandom shizz has made me cry... Leeteuk and Kangin...

Kangin needs to be strong. even if Netizens have been making these pathetic remarks about him.
So what if he crashed a car. Other people meet this kind of accidents too..
Its not that big deal. He know he made a mistake. he knows that he was wrong. WHY ARE THEY MAKING IT BIG? just because he is a CELEBRITY??? FUCK this Celebrity status then. He's HUMAN... He makes mistakes too...


09 October 2009 @ 04:36 pm
Life like now... PEACEFUL.
I dunno but this feeling... I missed for the longest time. being me again.
There you go.. I just hope. SHE (the evil witch) would not come home for the weekend. Out of all her children only one of em kinda understands me. Because she also goes against her mom's Straight yet crooked principles. But of course we really cannot tell. But knowing her. If she left this house because she cannot take it. and she's a daughter how much more me... right...

But i miss this. I miss my old self...
the old self that .....

i like the me now but i miss my old self. i guess i need to be somewhere in between.
That means...
I guess i should keep that to myself.
06 October 2009 @ 10:07 pm
i wont buy anything for now.

because... just because. there... I dont need any reasons.
no reasons.
i am willing to let go. on the verge of letting go...
need to fix life.
yeah life.
are you part of it?
scattered thoughts.
tell me if you dont want it to happen.
tell it to my face.
wow... that was... wow...
you can have it.
all yours.
yeah... all yours.
not interested..

06 October 2009 @ 03:14 pm
I mean seriously. why cant people just help sincerely. Its already a pain that the country is going through a rough time. I am going through a rough time but there are more people in need out there.

A lady came at the condo today. Actually she was already there when I arrived. She was looking for my uncle and has a problem. She was a victim of the Typhoon. She has no place to stay and she has no possession. The shelter that she had was wiped out by the flood. she has cancer and needs help. I mean i cannot help much. she was after all looking for my uncle. She cannot leave without any help. she's an old maid and has no family to turn to. so just imagine that. She's one of my uncle's highschool classmate.

I called my aunt and to ask what to do. and as usual she went on being a bitch and said deny that you know us. why not just give a little something to the poor lady. My point is you can give a little food. a little of your old clothes. why not help. all i can do is give her some money. not much. I extended a hundred bucks from my paycheck and gave her the bag of rice i have left. I am not planning to cook anywayz since the wicked witch (my aunt) is bitching about everything i do in this house. She even says that i should not let strangers in the house... you call sassydork a stranger???  no way... SHE IS MY FAMILY... I LOVE YOU sassydork ... she knows me even more that you do and you (the evil witch) is actually the stranger to me... sorry guys... no guests for me for now. because my aunt is an evil witch. I SWEAR...

I am tearing up as i write this. I never can imagine that other people just dont have the heart to help. help is not something you give to people you know. Help is something you give to the people who need them, especially now. I dont know where you will end up. but everything you do woman will be reviewed by the one above. one day all the people that you have criticized. all the people that you have looked down on. all the people you ignored help will be with him above smiling  at you when that day comes...

lesson learned NEVER be like her... I will never be like her because i have a heart...

05 October 2009 @ 12:41 pm
still locked up in my room.  Volume of Music cranked up... I mean.. really really loud... If you are gonna talk about me i would rather not hear it... As what they say.. what you dont know wont hurt you. So yeah... If you dont want me here i dont want to be here either. And here i go again since i dont wanna drag everyone else with my burdens in life i closed my doors and windows again... WILL NOT TEXT. WILL NOT TWIT, WILL NOT BE SEEN ... sorry guys... I'm so lost right now. i dont know how to fight this anymore... I cant answer back. SHE'S OLDER... and i dont want to get in trouble with my dad if she told my dad i answered back. I thought moving in here i would only sacrifice my freedom (AGAIN) but i guess i also sacrifice my income and my morale. sheezz

i guess what is keeping me sane again si KPOP...

oh yeah.. just to forget everything happening in this ebil (evil) house is watching the chuseok specials... and teukkie...

make me happy please...
i am going through a lot now and i cant talk about it... i dont wanna burden everyone else.


i cant believe it took me a day and a half just to download the SBS IDOL BIG SHOW. I downloaded the full show because it's worth downloading if you ask me... I love full shows but SPECIALS are really love...

I guess you already know that I love SANDY... (that's how Park Dara is called here in the Philippines) I have been her fan eversince she was starting to light up her star here in the country and followed her until she hit success in Korea. there... and YB...  and TOP... and waaaaaaaahhhh G-DARA... LOVE~

it may not be that evident in this blog but I am BIGBANG FAN...
First Priority is SUJU... second would be 2ne1 and BB...

the SBS special was a blast watching but i wish SUJU was there... they should have been there..

wow... TOP is not wearing shades on stage... something that is not usual right there... YB is still hotness...

after watching SUSHOW 2 in HK...

I need to watch BigBangs Concerts in the future too...