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Oh ReeRee?!?! You LOVE Me??/

Panda's Little Angel..

Oh ReeRee is a Girl Who loved the guy who had uttered the Word Oh reeree like it was the most perfect word in the World.

* 25 years old
* Callcenter Agent/FULLTIME FANGIRL
* Leeteuk is my life.
* Siwon is My Ideal Man.
* And donghae will be someone I will always admire.
* I hate Phails.(macros Line much?)
* Eldest of 2.
* College Graduate (Business Administration Major in Business Management)
* PeterPan Complex.(I never grow up)
* NBSB (No Boyfriend since birth)
* Loves her Family. (REAL ONE, SJPHILS, and SJUPH)
* Shopping is heaven if only i had unlimited funds.
* Panda's are my babies. (Angel ReeRee, Angel Surprizee and Angel Teukkie Jr ByeBye)

My Omma loves Sungmin and Henry.
My Sisters loves Heechul, Kangin and Donghae
My Babies love, Hyukjae, Donghae, TeukMinWookHae, -----, Heechul
My BabyBabies Love, Wookie, Heechul, Siwonnie, Minnie

And I will always love my Panda angel Teukkie~!
basketball, donghae, elf, f1, fangirl, flowm hed kandi, friends, hangeng, heechul, henry, hyukjae, kangin, kibum, kyuhyun, leeteuk, oh reeree, party, phails hater, ryeowook, schumacher ralf, shindong, siwon, suju, sungmin, super junior, yesung